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Any idea what's going on, it's 2 years old and the cheapest I've seen it is 50%? Is this because it's a fan funded title or is it some publisher deal to keep it higher, as an older title. Most titles have hit 75% after 2 years or is my math off. I can wait another year or 2(?) but just wondering.

yep, the pricing for White March is a bit too optimistic. The base game was ... fine (after lots and lots of patches, release version was unfinished buggy piece of garbage), good even, but it didn't exactly convince me to rush to buy the DLC. And with the discount never going under 40% the cost/discount isn't much of incentive either.

I have White March in wishlist for some time, but while the base game gets good discounts quite often the DLC does not. Lots of developers do this, discount the base game and then milk players on DLC to squeeze every penny out of players who like the game. But on the other hand this is sort of red flag, at least for me ... if base game with 40+ hours of gameplay is regularly sold for under 10$ but DLC that adds fraction of the content doesn't go under 15$ then screw that. Cost should be at least somewhat proportional to content ... way less content for way more money sounds like sweet deal for developers but really shitty deal for players. Frankly this is yet another reason to avoid buying base game after release (even later when discounted) and always wait for goty/complete/deffinitive edition (and preferably wait for discount on that)