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I am getting very difficult time playing PoE -- it crashes like there is no tomorrow. Is it normal?

- Win7 x64, i5-3570K 3.4GHz, 16Gb mem
- Geforce 660 Ti, but after I replaced it with GeForce 1060 6GB, crashes became somewhat less frequent, but still way too often
-PoE v3.7.0.1318 PX1 PX2 PX4 (with all addons installed)

This game heats up GPU like crazy for no apparent reason (and I tried to reduce graphics settings), once those fans spin up -- crash could come any second. Occasionally crash corrupts recent saves -- loading from them produces a game with empty party, not a single character -- this happened only with old GPU so far (which is rather old, so I changed it in hope problems will go away).

With new gpu crashes happen about once every 30 mins and GPU fans don't need to spin up. Most reliable way to reproduce -- start rummaging in your inventory, sooner or later it'll happen.

In combination with very long save/load times all this is very frustrating... Any ideas? Can't really blame hardware -- all other games work without problems.

P.S. one more thing -- it loves to crash on a pause in the battle if there is a lot of fireworks.
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Huh... looks like problem was processor overheating. That fan spinning up was cpu fan, I cleaned heatsink, replaced thermal paste -- it definitely became better.

Looks like PoE spins CPUs a lot for some reason.

P.S. It still crashes, though, but less often -- at least I can finish fight with dragon now.

P.P.S. I opened PC case and problems almost gone away -- PoE definitely causes something to overheat (cpu, some motherboard component?) and it causes game to crash. Surprisingly, OS doesn't care -- it always survives.
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