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Game installed fine. Game starts up fine, with maybe a resolution issue, but startup menu displays fine. Game mouse cursor displays. The finger on the mouse cursor wiggles when I click, but nothing happens. I can't interact with the menus to change settings, start the game, etc.

OS: Debian Bullseye (testing)
Pillars of Eternity (I've tried both the latest version with all the DLC's and the latest version with just the base game.)

I've done a fair bit of searching and I know in 2015 people playing the game on Windows had similar issues with locales that weren't US EN. It just so happens that my locale is CA EN. If that is the problem, and there is a fix for that, I'm all ears. I know when I start the game in a console, it will indicate that it couldn't find a matching locale.

edit: Found a solution. I use KDE. Started fooling around with widgets and suddenly wondered whether switching my desktop from folder to desktop might do the trick. It did, and once I was able to access the menus, I was able to switch it back to folder and it continued to work.

edit again: I'm wondering if the recent wayland update didn't bork something. I know Obsidian has stated that PoE doesn't support Wayland, or vice versa. Regardless, it's working now. Looking forward to checking it out.
Post edited March 13, 2020 by Llewen