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Dear Community,

in my first ever post to GOG forums i would like to ask if you could recommend me books/novels/literature outside the PoE universe to immerse myselff into the world of the i understood, the game´s environment and cultural context is somewhat between european Renaissance, celtic influence, colonization of the Americas, a Forgotten Realms vibe?

Maybe someone can give me/us some hints what to read as i want to "prepare" for an intense playthrough of PoE through the holidays.

Thank you very much!

P.S: for example i read the first of the Game of Thrones Novels while playing Dragon Age Origins, as they are obviously related in tone and style.
But now i would prefer some really good literature....
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Pillars of Eternity is as close to the world of The Witcher (books) as Game of Thrones is to the Dragon Age universe. In other words, they're nowhere near. With that in mind I really don't know what you are expecting.
I get what you mean. I'd recommend the Malazan, Book of the Fallen series. It shares many of the same dark tones and themes. It's very heavy on lore, and it just kinda drops you into the story.