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I am using the GoG version and when I Patch White March it seemed to be fine with only 2 errors for 2 files I modded anyway.

However when patching the base game with GoG version I get a lot of errors
Then the game loads and my cursor is the ground walk cursor and then it crashes when I try to load a save game I have a huge list of patch errors.

In the patch log it states it is trying to upgrade from version but in order to not have a pink mess in White March I had to patch the Base game to version These numbers correlate to GoG versions was patch 2
and patched it to 2.01
However the patch which is supposed to be from 2.01 to 2.02 is looking for version 2 which is

I have no freakin idea what to do and this is is a nightmare to figure out.
What patch for GoG am I supposed to use?
Do I only use White March Patch for 2.02
Totally confused at this point.
I got only one error during installation.

I had previously installed all of the manual patches in correct order, and despite of that, I got error about one file missing.


From my experience the best way how to update manually is to update first the vanilla game, and right away the White Marsh expansion. It worked with no issues previously. Only with update from 2.01 to 2.02 I had my first issues.

If you want to avoid all of your issues and errors, in your case it might be possibly the best idea to redownload completely both vanilla game and expansion at the newest version 2.02 :-/

I've had issues when manually updating the game (with expansion) to 2.02. Running the base game patch first (patch_pillars_of_eternity_2.5.0.11.exe) resulted in a file not found error. I didn't bother with the expansion patch.

Pillars of Eternity patch log
File not found (for patching): E:\games\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle\draining.unity3d

I then uninstalled the game and used the full 2.02 installer (setup_pillars_of_eternity_2.5.0.11). This installed but crashed with an undefined error within a seconds of the intro video playing.

Not sure if it matters, but I do have GoG Galaxy installed though I don't use it.

Edit: OS Windows 7 Pro 64bit
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Apparently there is something wrong with the manual patch. It breaks a file related to the draining mod on weapons.
Thanks for the link srlapo. I have no interest in GoG Galaxy but I may just use it for PoE if it avoids future breakage.
It seems to work fine for this game, as long as you don't mind downloading a 5Gb patch each time they update the game.
well, unfortunately for me, even the Galaxy patching does not work :(

I got answer from support today, that the full manual installer, should be repacked again, and working. Can't try it out now personally though :(

I have sent few bug reports about it, too.