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Hey there! Just reinstalled the game (with patch 2.0 and White March) and I noticed that some of the fonts look blurry (dialog boxes, journal).
I attached 2 images as example.
I don't remember this happening last time I played it (2-3 months ago) - the only difference was the patch level and Windows 8 64.
I am on Windows 10 64, running on native 1920*1080 @60, font scaling is 100%.

Thank you in advance for any help !
img1.jpg (207 Kb)
img2.jpg (186 Kb)
img3.jpg (212 Kb)
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Yeah, noticed that myself. It's an issue so minor that I thought I just remember the game incorrectly, but apparently I'm not the only one to notice it.
Just ran into this post on Obsidian's forums.
Looks like they are currently working on a patch to fix this, due next week.
FWIW looks fine here - on Archlinux though...
I confirm that 2.01 fixed the issue on my end.