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*** warning, spoiler ***


I bought Pid, and judging from the art and characters alone this seems like a wonderful game. However it seems I'm too stupid :( I can't even beat the first boss, or rather, the first little-more-difficult-than-others enemy (not sure if it is supposed to be a boss).

I'm talking of course about the little blue rocket launcher on wheels. I've tried lots of times but I just can't beat it.

The rockets follow me - and I'm practically told I'm supposed to kill it with its own rockets. OK so far.

I managed to dodge one of the rockets, and actually hit the thing with one rocket, but that didn't kill it, just hurt it a little. I lost my protection vest or whatever in the process.

I also found the "secret room" that lets you buy new vests with stars. So I could get a new vest, do the rocket thing again until it dies - right?

Well, problem is the thing shoots three rockets and I only dodge one so I'm dead.

How do you beat this thing? Is there a YouTube video? (pid doesn't seem to be a good search term, I only found some general videos).

I'm probably just "not getting" the game mechanic yet. Or the game is just hard for me. Before that boss, there were several secret rooms which I couldn't get to because I couldn't figure out how to use the funnels properly.

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*** warning, spoiler ***

nvm, I found it on youtube after all. A video titled "Pid - Walktrhough Part 4".

Several mistakes I've made:
1) I was running away too much - never figured out the timing needed to attack the thing head on
2) I never left the "arena"
3) Somehow I didn't think of bombs :D

Thanks to whoever made that video, really helped me out

This game is great style-wise, but it can be frustrating. Died about a 100 times with the red balloon thief and still haven't beat him. Filled him to about 75% but at some point, I always lose the suit, don't find a new one in time, and die. It's hard to get the timing right, sometimes you bounce off him, sometimes you land on the blue guys below, can't help dying.
This part can be frustrating. It takes me 20min to beat it, and i mean 20 real minutes, i don't count the, at least, 14-15 times that i tried before i did it perfect.

From this point things are difficult but not frustrating.

Great game. It reminds me two good recent games: Rochard and Unmechanical, but this is more challenging. It worths totally the money.
Thanks for your reply :)

I finally beat him today after trying for another half-hour and lots of dying...

I didn't figure out all the tricks before, plus my timing simply got better with all the practice.

Kinda embarrasing to get stuck in this game... twice... I'm afraid of the next boss now -.- but we will see
I finished today. Difficult final boss and final part, but at the end you are more used to Kurt's moves and powers, and find everything more "natural".

Great game, took me 10 hours to beat it and the game doesn't count (like Dark Souls, for example) the times you repeat zones, so it can be easily 13-14 hours.