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Have a xpx64 box.Started the game and worked for 10 minutes then freezing up. After that point froze in 15 seconds of play. Did find a log file in the directory with "shaders missing " referenceces. Tried my second xpx64 box and crashed st start. Did get a crash dump screen telling which file to send to deveopers. I have that. rebooted and game actually played for a few minutes then froze up. So it needs some fixes for xp to work. it will work in w7x64. I tried one of my w7 comps
( I have 3) and game works fine so far .

still doesn't work. I get 1 minute of gameplay before freezing. GOG tech support giving me the std reply to reinstall everything. Eroze when I scanned a resource. The dialog continued to its end.
Post edited February 10, 2017 by tp555