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Well, first post on the GOG forums. Longtime coming for a post but i felt this had to be said.

I am enjoying Pheonix Point, being a fan of RTT and turn-based games, don't get me wrong. i like to think of this as a spiritual succesor to Xcom: Terror of the Deep, that being the enemy is coming from the seas and the overall aquatic theme of the Pandora Virus, though i think we could do with more enemy types and features. Like seeing humans in the early stages of infection for example. Also enjoying the Lovecraftian influences. Each of the factions have distinctive strengths and weaknesses. New Jericho being a fave since i like hard hitting railguns. And i think it would be cool if you could come across patrols from the factions and help them out with various objectives, taking out pandoran nests and rescuing crew from downed aircraft etc. That said, there are a few annoying bugs, as would have been repeatedly mentioned on other posts already.

Anyway, praises aside (And this is something a long going peeve of mine) i find it irrating in games when a skill or perk is random at aquirement and that skill plays counter to the build that you are trying to make. i understand that this is to add a bit a challange, flavour to the trooper and to give a boon here and there, but there are times when i think the game is intentionaly screwing with you. Aside from the mist situation deteriorating of course.

For example, and i'm using the prologue and veteran difficulty here because i like to work with narratives in games, i had the Sniper get both Reckless and Cautious as perks. In essence, that is only a 10% increase to accuracy for the cost of two perks, the damage nerf and boost negating each other respecitvely. Hardly worth it, especially when she got shotgun proficiancy as well. i had bad flashbacks of the NC's 'Shotgun Sniper rifle' proposed in Panetside 2 before it got turned into a proper railgun. Another was having the Heavy gain Self Defence Specialist and perks that had absolutly nothing to do with heavy weapons or ordinance at all. if that's the case, what the fuck is he doing handling autocannons in the first place? The Assault class on the whole i find the most forgving when it comes to perks, being the General Infantry, though i'd rather they have perks more relevent to thier station: mobility and what not. The virus rounds perk is always welcome to whitlle down the pandorans Will further.

I lost count of how many times i reload the last turn of the prologue missions in hopes of getting respectable stats. On a side note, i am also not a fan of having eveything being flung at you within the first month: the Pure, the Behemoth etc. Especially when resources at at a premium, though i understand that some of these are due to completing specific research and have time restrictions. i think these DLC additions could be done within lenghty intervals, a month or two, so you feel like got on top of the stiuation and then BOOM the Pandorans throw another variable into the mix. Having to shoot down fully upgraded pandoran/consumed flyers, with various homing incediary munitions, with a stock manticore in the first weeks of the behemoth hatching is not fun.

But enough of the side note and back to the topic. I would rather have an option, as in other games, to pick from a pool of skills, or at least two options, when you reach that level instead of seeing that you got something you're likely never going to utilise when you reach it.

These soldiers are supposed to be the best of the best, as much as they could considering the Project was ill supported when the Mist first arrived and that most of the human population was killed or mutated, but sometimes i think all the good ones had died in the first wave and the inept ones are left.

Anyway, thats all up and out. Lets hear your opinons on this.