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So, this annoyed me, how the mouse scroll wheel seemed wrong to me, i.e. forward on the scroll wheel moves the camera Up. From the isometric perspective of the player, this just seems illogical, moving forward should move the mouse *into* the view, and in my opinion, down.

Thankfully since this is Unreal, it can be changed pretty easy.

Go into the game config folder at:

Open the file PD_Input.ini and change the two following lines so they look like this:

TAC_CameraUp=(Key=R,Ctrl=false,Alt=false,Shift=false # Key=MouseScrollDown,Ctrl=false,Alt=false,Shift=false)
TAC_CameraDown=(Key=F,Ctrl=false,Alt=false,Shift=false # Key=MouseScrollUp,Ctrl=false,Alt=false,Shift=false)

It should stick between updates too, hopefully.

I had to do it this way, because in the bindings screen, the input fields for secondary (mouse), cannot be changed. Maybe if the devs read this - please make it so we can change this field too.
Post edited August 17, 2018 by Pathduck
Hey there!

Thank you very much for your feedback and workaround.
We've been receiving this feedback, and we are already working on a permanent fix.
As far as I know, this fix should be deployed in one of the upcoming patches soon.

We are reading this board, and while being a small studio we find ourselves a bit short-handed right now, your remarks are not being ignored by us.