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Djaron: Greetings

Was unsure if it qualifies as a tech issue or an ingame bug...

This morning, in less than 1 hour, i got this fatal error crash multiple times (screenshot included)

Game suddenly freezes with a little window error popup on top of the game, titled as "The UE4-IWTB Game has crashed and w..." (window cannot be resigned so dont get it full) And in the window itself, the only message is "Fatal Error!"

From what i could see, it occurs mostly when disposing of a body or when the camera moves swiftly from one character to another (even if they are not very far away from each others). But it is not systematic. Reloading the game at same spot and i would say same action (disposing of same body or whatever) will trigger the crash like 4 times out of 5.

As said, only started happening this morning, within first hour of play.
The past few days, i had been playing for 4 hours or 4 hours and a half straight many times (including twice same day) and i never ever had this strange error occuring.

Build is GOG build 22960, 64bit.
No hardware of software change were made on the computer between yesterday and today

If it falls on tech issue rather than ingame bug, then sorry about that... Though it only occurs during tactical layer, and i have so far no issue on world map and hideout management layer.
Have you updated the game to version 1.0.3? (setup_phantom_doctrine_1.0.3_(64bit)_(23103).exe is the latest offline build version).
sbock: I have the problem that the Galaxy overlay does not work. Using version 1.01. Can somebody confirm this?
Arkandos: Having the same issue
It should be fixed in version 1.0.3 by now :) Please make sure you have the latest version of the game and see if you still have issues when pressing Shift + Tab :)