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This question may seems weird so let me explain:
Usually when i launched Phantom Doctrine, i first would get a still splash screen in a borderless window centered in my desktop, then i would get a splash-vid intro showing red strings appearing on an investigation board with devs studio name and then a full screen black and why logo of the Beholder Initiative symbol and game's name... then the game would start loading up to displaying the menu.

Now what happened: between my last two launchs of the game (one week inbetween), the intro logo video now doesnt show up at all ! only the small loading screen just before the menu. Sure it speeds up the game's launch, i grant you that but...

1) for some reasons of mine, i liked the intro logo video and would like to have it back
2) i didnt change anything to game settings between the launch where it was still there and the one now it isnt anymore... and i am very frustrated of not understanding how and why it disappeared ! And i would like to know/understand

i tried to check on the .ini files located in my userprofile folders and i saw no line of setting/option that would be related to the activation/desactivation of it, and the game's version/build is the same

3) i sometimes play the game also on a linux computer through lutris, and this intro usually makes the game crash back to desktop unless you skip it, so, on THAT installation, i'd be happy of the behavior of desactivating it completely..

So please, if anyone has information on the topic ?
How can i activate and/or desactivate this logo intro video ?
(and eventually: How did this setting/behavior could have ever changed between two playing sessions all of a sudden ?)

Thank you in advance

Edit: it is the file CF_logo_v7.mp4 (but this is sound-less, as game plays the audio track on the fly)
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