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I didn't see them in the official Patch Notes thread (nor anywhere else here), so thought I'd copy/paste them if anyone was interested:

This patch contains requested improvements and fixes. As always, thank you for your support and all the feedback. Rest assured that further updates are in the works and we're always interested in hearing from you!

--Dispose of body/pick up agent cutscenes are now skippable (yay!)
--The Interconnected ability now only works after a successful tactical recon of the mission area
--Volume of cinematic cutscenes played during missions adjusted
--Improved enemy agent behavior while in vigilant mode
--Removed an exploit resetting agent Heat with a tech unlock
--Improved tooltips for armor, weapons and items when comparing them

--Removed an issue with endless slow-mo for overwatch triggered for enemies in cover
--Skipping a turn with the evac panel open will not block the UI
--Removed a potential block caused by an enemy vigilant Agent trying to turn laser sensors on again
--A patrolling Agent will no longer fall off the map while jumping down
--Tracked down an eliminated a pesky rare bug which could block the game when choosing an enemy and an ability in ----the tutorial
--A rare technical issue when opening a new secret file is now dead and buried
--After rescuing an operative being interrogated in an Enemy Cell location, Danger gain will be correctly reduced
--An Operative working on a Hideout assignment can't be hospitalized because of a Side Story Event at the same time
--Agents in support cutscenes are now dressed in correct clothes
--Opening a door will no longer cause a nearby civilian to move
--Corrected a tooltip repetition for single shot stats of SMGs and rifles
--The system cursor should no longer appear and supersede the in-game cursor
--A disguised Operative carrying a body will now correctly upset civilians on sight
--Removed an exploit from a KGB story mission, allowing to load a game and revert to infiltration mode
--Corrected World Map text in the Italian localization
--Improved gunshot sounds passing through grids with cars
--Smashing of already broken glass will no longer be attempted
--A variety of small fixes

If you encounter issues or just want to chat about Phantom Doctrine, our Official Discord Server is always the best place to do it.
--Dispose of body/pick up agent cutscenes are now skippable (yay!)
I still can't skip that, no matter what button I mash.
Thank you for posting the notes here. The official thread has been updated now with 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 notes. :)