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I played this game back when it came out and started replaying it recently. In the process I noticed that the layout of the mansion doesn't make sense. It seems like it's physically impossible, like the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's "The Shining". I'm pretty sure it really just boiled down to them deciding the artistic side mattered more than physical possibility/plausibility, but I'm still enjoying trying to figure out the "real" shape of the place and it might look like if things were arranged correctly.

I found scans of the official maps on Sierra Planet, but the footprints don't match up. For that matter, the library and chapel show on the first floor map, but they're completely missing from the estate map.

Looking from the second floor hallway toward the balcony, you can see along the upper section of what appears to be the eastern wall of the great hall that separates the hall from the theater. When Adrienne looks off that balcony, she looks off the corner and the animation that follows looks like she's looking from the southeast to northwest corners, so the angles are off. For any of that to be remotely correct, the upstairs portions of the house would have to be floating in mid-air over the driveway.

Anyway, no real point, I just find it fun to dig into this sort of stuff. It would be amazing if I could get my hands on the original assets and scenes to see how it was really constructed. Anybody out there have a connection? :)
I just wanted to respond to your post because I KNOW! I have long loved the estate and just recently attempted to replicate it on Sims 3. I quickly realized that the house didn't make sense if you considered angles and movements in the game. I like that you compared the house to the Overlook. You are right and that just adds to the appeal of the house to me now. Thanks for that lol.