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Hi there,

I was playing Phantasmagoria 1 today when suddenly all sound stopped. I checked the game files with galaxy and even redownloaded the whole game, restarted my PC, tried all ingame settings in the menu - nothing helps. I don't understand the DOSBOX config files, so I didn't mess around there. I'm on the latest Win10 version.

Can anybody help me?

*edit*: Seems like its a problem with scummVm. Gabriel Knight has no sound either. This is new - I played it with sound something like a month ago. Did a Win10 update do this - or a new Nvidia driver???
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Hey again. In case anybody has got the same problem, I thought I'd post my solution here.

Seems like the GOG Versions use an older version of ScummVm. So I downloaded the latest version from which in my case was 2.1.1
You can then either simply start the games with this version by adding them to the list of games in the ScummVm menu. The much nicer solution for was to go to copy the files scummvm.exe, SDL2.dll, SDL_net.dll and WinSparkle.dll into the scummvm folder inside the Phantasmagoria installation folder, overwriting three existing files. You can then start the game with Galaxy like before and everything works as before with sound.

Have fun...