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Hi all you lovers of the Phantasmagoria,

when you read the topic you might think what a nutt-head is publishing this. But just read what happened just a minute ago. While I was playing Phantasmagorie II a glass fell from a table. The glass was out of my reach and of anything I could interfere with. I'm also sure that the glass was at least 10 cm from the edge of the table, yet it fell on the floor. Weirdest thing is that I recall a thing. You must know that I've played both games about the time of their appearance on the marked. What I recall is the weirdest nightmare I've had in my live -I'm 55 so that counts I guess as a more or less advanced age. Anyhow while playing the same game I've had the weirdest and most scaring nightmare ever. I awoke and there is a female standing beside my bed holding a knife in her hands ready to strike me. The moment she starts lowering the knife the woman dissapeared.When did I really woke up? The moment I remember or the moment the threat became too real? I've always thought about the latter, because now a second weird thing happens while playing the same game I start doubting. And no I don't live in the same place, the two of them are even 1000 km from each other. Have any of you experienced something odd in real life while playing one of the two episodes?

In the hope of scaring you not too much, yours regardfull