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... and who wants to report back to this forum with how good it is compared to the GOG version?
I'm considering it, looks nice and they are selling it or a reasonable price.
I don't own or have played much of the first game (hard but enjoyable), so I'll be looking to go and do that first.
I'll cross post this from somewhere else, suffice it to say after I went through Perimeter 2, don't even bother. There could be spoilers in here, but I don't think it's a big deal, because warning you off is my charity for the day. :p
First of all, the whole thing took me about a day to finish, which says a lot because I try hard to pace myself in games and make them last. That it was 30 bucks certainly didn't make me feel better about that.
This game has only two factions, down from the original three. The game is split into two campaigns, and you're supposed to play them sequentially. To say there is a class imbalance is an understatement. The first campaign was frustratingly difficult, requiring me to restart missions over and over (the last one was restarted literally a hundred times). Then once the second campaign began, I finished it in two hours. Most of the second campaign's missions were laughably easy, I was able to end them a minute after the mission started with the simple use of one weapon.
The voice acting is abysmal and the subtitles give the impression that someone translated them from another language into Japanese, then back into English again. There were several points where the subtitles were saying something the voice actor was not, including a bunch of times that the voice actor suddenly, for no discernible reason at all, began speaking Russian, only to slip back into English again. Plus! Subtitle typos! Typos! You just know a game is bad when there are typos in the freaking script.
Then after the ridiculously short gameplay, the game just ends. When Adam beat it he wasn't sure if the game had been bugged and he wasn't able to progress, that's how abrupt and without resolution the ending is. When I finished I was halfway hoping it was a mistake, but once the credits started we knew it wasn't.
All in all it was really disappointing and not at all worth the cost. Considering how long I've been waiting for this since the great game that was the first one, I'm not sure where all the staff went, but clearly they fucked off for something better.
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I sort of agree with the last poster, though I didn't mind the short length of the campaigns so much. I agree they're a bit too short, but on the other hand, at least I bothered to finish them instead of leaving them halfway through, as I so often do with RTS games these days.
For me, the main problem is that the game is really not well balanced. The Harkback have so many advantages over the Exodus, so when you play their campaign it just seems to get easier and easier as you go on. Their meteor shower special attack is so strong it can basically win the game for you, all you need to do is to defend yourself and build up energy, and select which part of the map you want to obliterate next.
I did think it was a pretty fun experience, though. But not really worth the asking price, and compared to the original the game just seems very weak.
It was terrible. The first was a much better game.