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This question always arises when I see an old game being sold in a modern digital store: does the in-game music play, much as it would back in the day with the DVD in the drive?

I ask because many times the new distributors just stick a folder full of the music files somewhere in the directory and expect you to play the music in a media player in the background. Which is something I find unacceptable, since it dissociates music transitions from your actions in game, ignores the end of a mission and just keeps playing through the menus, the sequence is always the same, etc.

I just want to know if I'll have the complete experience, as I did back in the day.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
soundtrack is working in-game and it does not come with the expansion
also all GOG games i have the sountrack works they do have some games they compressed the audio track :(
Post edited November 14, 2014 by iwanpompier