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I enjoyed the different angle on resource generation, but the missions and game play were utterly boring and uninspired. The unit morphing was a nice idea, but as you add the three unit types to the squads, so you can morph into different unit types, they kill themselves in so many ways on the way there, that you have to pull back the squads to morph all the time. Plus you better be good at simple math on the fly because the units need numbers like 7 soldiers and 3 techs to make, and all the rest is wasted time. Oh and don't forget to put the factories on hold when attacking a base/area, because the enemy will slaughter any that didn't already drown or something. If you actually want to advance your combat units into enemy territory, make sure to pick a unit that can actually attack the unit/building/base etc.
By the time you figure out what needs to happen or be done, boom, mission over in most cases. No massive base building, no huge clash of armies. When you finally get access to more advanced tech, your base is built for you, and you better not get fancy, just walls of towers, because you are going to be rushed, immediately. The subterranean stuff is utter garbage, I didn't know what was going on half the time, and just threw up chasers and made scummers to send at a frame, fun times, not.
Doesn't allow for hardly any strategy, most missions I was just glad it was over, and hoping the next one would be fun. There are so many details to get into that I don't have the typing skill to express, but I started with dune as my first RTS and love the genre, and played them since. I am not hard to please, and this game failed even that simple task, even though I still beat the snot out of it, at least on normal.
Well anyways it got a 2 for price, no drm, and the terrain leveling stuff which is fun a twist, even though I never got any moat like usefulness from it.