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OK, I just fired up this game on easy. I am boot-strapping my base and am already stuck. I have an iron mine that cannot produce because it is outside my power grid. I have placed a solar farm within the current grid so it can power the iron mine. My worker has dutifully delivered the aluminum and glass, but it WILL NOT deliver carbon. It's just dutifully stockpiling it in the landing hub.

WHAT THE WHAT? Setting the solar farm to priority doesn't help. Is there some stupid exploit I have to use to get the game to work?

P.S. Turns out the icon I thought was indicating carbon was demanding electronics. It would be nice if the game asked me to build an electronics plant before it asked me to build a solar farm...
Post edited January 30, 2021 by mbeemer
A have a little list fo start on...

01 Aluminium Mine
02 Silicon Mine
03 Glass Kiln
04 Solar Farm
05 Iron Mine
06 Carbon Mine
07 Steel Factory
08 Electronics Factory
09 Parts Factory
10 Solar Farm
11 Worker Factory
12 Chemical Plant
13 Polymers Factory
14 Maintenance Facility
and the rest was self explaining for me...
To all players out there, good luck and enjoy this great game...
Regards to everybody...