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Hey PC Building Sim fans,

I know this problem has come up before but none of what I searched had the answer.

I fixed a computer but it still has not solved "Diagnose and Fix." Reading the forums, I have done the following:

- Replace the broken parts with same parts
- Dusted everywhere multiple times (some say there still may be dust)
- It has two hard drives so I removed one each, scanned for viruses (none) and replaced. Tried different boot options
- Removed all the parts and rebuilt from the ground up. Parts that work I have to replace with the original parts
- Went into BIOS and did a factory reset
- Ran OCCT
- Did 3DMark Advanced Edition

Really not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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If you replaced air cooling with water cooling (or vice-versa) then the game doesn't count that as replacing a faulty element.
I got to similar situation. What happened to me was that I had to replace RAM 8GB. I replaced it by mistake with the 4GB. Most of the time the game will tell you that inferior piece is used but it didn't happen in this case. When I placed second one (trying everything at that point) I get the inferior piece error and found out Im using wrong RAM (1x/2x 4GB 2333 instead of 1x 8GB 3000).
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