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First look into 2022 for Patron, and our Initial plans for continuous updates.

Hello everyone!

Welcome all to 2022! Hope you enjoyed a good celebration and fingers crossed this Year will be kind to everyone!

As our Patron citizens work hard to expand their city and build a good life for themselves, our team is also steaming ahead. At this time, we'd like to share some pieces of immediate plans already in motion for the upcoming update:

- Additional buildings and beautifications for your city
- New quests offering rewards upon completion (of type „reach X amount of production for certain
resource, then gain reward in different resource from our King)
- Additional hints for some game mechanics
- Tweaks and optimizations for transport mechanics
- Another optimization pass

Numerous smaller fixes and improvements, based on your continuous feedback, are of course mandatory.

This will be only first of updates for 2022, more to come afterwards.

On a side note – during holidays a lot of players spent many hours ingame, and we wish to congratulate everyone that successfully completed the entire research/expansion tree. According to provided feedback, many of you used all sorts of tactics to succeed, and it was great to see what some of you pulled off, in terms of both population heights or development pace.

With upcoming updates, we'll try to expand the amount of possibilities even further!

Govern on!
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