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First Patrician was released in 1992 and was most complex trading game. I love economic games and this are better ones. It's not some easy tycoon but for me it's godd game was developed this way.
If you like economic games Patrician is definetely quite enjoyable. Een graphic side of games, not so important for this kind of games, is made nicely. Terrain & cities are rendered good and detailed. This is advantage of 2D games which I like from always; they getting old much slover than 3D ones. Sounds are good matched to graphic too. Nice main theme and sound effects
Patrician 2 has few game modes do discover; small single player missions, campaign and multiplayer up to 8 players. It's another game with 'from zero to hero' schematic. You start as some low-level trader,no one knows you, no one respects you, you have to earn all of it by your actions. Fundamental knowledge about economics and trading mechanism brings you few benefits here. Patrician it's a game which you hae to be prepared to... Fortunatele couple of tutorial missions are avaiable but the don't learn you all. But anyway i personaly don't count it as disadvantage.
I like difficult games and especially those satysfying. Patrician is one of those...
I'm up for multiplayer. just let me be Rostock I haven't finished the first campaign. I don't know the other markets too well.
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