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I'm frustated, the game crashed randomly, I don't know why!

some of yours are the same problem?
lowcraft: I'm frustated, the game crashed randomly, I don't know why!

some of yours are the same problem?
Yes, same problem. It seems to be related to the inventory. When I try to change equipment or just look at the inventory (even before starting a new expedition), the game repeatedly crashes.

Also, it crashes after finishing an expidition, whether won or lost.
I accidently solved the problem:

I basically couldn't play anymore because the game was crashing everytime I did something in the inventory (with 1.0.3). Uninstalling didn't help either.

Therefore I switched to my laptop. Thanks to cloudsaves, I could just continue and I didn't have any crashes there.

Today, I tried to start the game again on my desktop-PC and now it's not crashing anymore.

If you've got an old pc or a laptop, give it a try...
just got the 1.03 and NOTHING (✖╭╮✖)

extreme cpu bashing still not solved, probably because the dev, isnt aware of the problem , seems they all have big fat machines with tons of coolers and forget users might have a simple quad core which they claim would do :

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit

Recommended: Processor: 2.0+ Ghz QuadCore CPU ---> CHECK!: quad core 2.66 ghz (max 3.2 ghz at turbo)

Memory: 8 GB RAM --------> CHECK!

Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series, OpenGL 3.3: --------> CHECK! GTX TI 750 2 GB

check attachment: 85%cpu_introscre.jpg

even the fish is laughing :D

have the lates java installed aswell .........

so this is another game i CANNOT play ..... unless i want to fry my CPU

getting a little tired of all the buggy games (︶︹︺) (99% are NEW games that f up alot), 95% of all old good games work a charm thats why i prefer OLD games :D

Unity, python, java thats not real development tools for games (facepalm)
Harveys new eyes also JAVA shites same thing high CPU , to bad cause i like the 2 harvey games but cant play them *sighs*

I wonder how many percentage we can refund if one had 500 (or more) games , 5% would be good ( 25 games)
not that i want to refund to wallet cause i want to BUY and KEEP games did NOT join to beg for refunds, but to get a large library of games, this is exactly what happens if they( devs) do NOT provide decent DEMO(s) .....

I am really very very ( x 1 billion) disapointed .................)
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