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The first preview build is now available on our "preview" branch and we're moving to our own Discord Server!

New Discord Server

So far our Discord community has lived under the umbrella of the Chucklefish Discord server. This has been fantastic for us, but as the community has grown we feel like it's time to start our own. This will allow us to really separate out discussions more effectively and keep track of everything. So please come join the party here on our brand new Discord server:

Robotality Discord Server Invite

We won't close down the existing channel on the Chucklefish server, but the new server will become the central community point on Discord.

Preview Build

Todays preview build introduces a whole bunch of new things as well as plenty of fixes. These changes will linger on the preview version for at least a week before making their way onto the default verison.

A word of caution: The preview version will contain some cutting-edge changes and we will sometimes use it to try out radical changes to the gameplay before it appears on the default version. Therefore be ready to encounter some unexpected behaviors and problems. However, if you want to help us shape the future of the game this is really the best place to get involved!

The preview version is availble for Windows and MacOS through the GOG Galaxy client. To activate it, switch to the Beta channel (password: beta) in the Pathway game settings.

What's new in the Preview Build?

Improved Damage Information
We've added an overhauled tooltip when hovering over enemies during an attack action. In the compact view you simply see the effective damage potential. This includes all adjustments that may occur from things like the weapon's damage type or if your character has a special bonus/penalty against an enemy type. If you press tab, you will get a more detailed breakdown of how exactly the final damage calculation came together. We hope this will help in making some of the game's more complex damage calculations clearer.

Rebalanced Loot Distribution
We've made the beginning adventures more rewarding in terms of loot drops. We want to keep the legendaries for the mid to end game, but we feel like the first two adventures could use a boost of rewarding items.

Reworked Perk Branches in Events
Generally speaking, perk branches will now give you a success in an otherwise risky situations. There are a few exceptions to this rule still (so don't rely on it). However this change significantly upgrades the value of perk choices in events.

Full Changelog for Preview Version 1.0.9:
* Added new improved Damage Information when hovering enemies (see above)
* Perk Branches in events have been reworked and are now in most situations a success. Some instances of uncertainty remain.
* Rebalanced loot drops in first 2 adventures to be more generous.
* Added a "Confirm End Turn" option that when enabled forces the player to confirm the end turn when there are characters with unspent action points.
* Added more helpful tooltips when an achievement can't be claimed.
* Changed the "Watch Collectors" achievement to only require 3 watches to be collected.
* Changed the "An Ending and a New Beginning III" achievement to only require 100 failures.
* We're continuing to work on fixing "out of memory" issues some people have encountered. For people who previously had issues, we'd love to hear if there are improvements in this build.
* Block keyboard scrolling when menu or journal is open during an encounter.
* Fixed some battle arenas where enemies would spawn inside walls
* Fixed some localization issues
* Fixed some events where the wrong gender was used in texts.
* Fixed a bug that allowed people to select multiple choices during level-up. This fix will reset people's skill trees that made use of this.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed people to produce money using the Valuables bag undo function.
* Fixed a bug where in some instances the Valuables bag undo button wouldn't reset properly.
* Fixed some Mineshaft battle arena layouts that made battles unplayable.
* Fixed some inconsistencies in the attack range display.
* 5+ kills in one shot now also count towards the 4 kills in one achievement.
* Fixed a bug that caused achievements to show up as claimed event though they weren't.
* Fixed an issue that caused lost fuel not to count towards the the "Environmental Hazard" achievement.
* Fixed a bug that caused a character to show up at the beginning of Adventure V Sector 2 even though he's already in the player's party.
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to trigger a double ambush.
* Fixed a bug that caused the player to continue traveling on foot even though they had received fuel through an achievement.
* Added "--aggressive-gc" command line option. Using this option forces a memory garbage-collection after each event. When used, you'll likely experience a short delay each time the event window closes. While this parameter doesn't fix anything per se, it is supposed to help us narrowing down the out-of-memory crashes and performance issues.
* Disabled use of separate render thread on MacOS. May be related to performance issues some user reported on MacOS 10.14 Mojave.
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