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When you create a new profile you'll see the option to make this profile a Hardcore Profile. Note that you can't change a hardcore profile to a normal profile later.

Hardcore Mode follows different rules than standard Pathway: All adventures play in a sequence one after the other. Almost everything carries over to the next adventure and you have to survive with only the things you find during your travels. So that means you won't be able to change your team between adventures and if your characters die, they are gone on this profile! Due to these additional constraints, we recommend to try the game on a default profile first.

Some additional differences in Hardcore Mode:
- All jeep upgrades and characters are unlocked from the start.
- Failing or successfully finishing will lock the profile.
- Permadeath: When a character dies, they are dead for good.
- Higher base difficulty
- No achievements

The one thing that isn't guaranteed to carry over are the temporary perks you pick up from events. When you move to a new adventure, your team will lose a randomly selected positive and negative perk.


Changelog for 1.1.4:
- Hardcore Mode added: A fresh take on Pathway! See above blog for full description.
- Extended difficulty: We have extended the max difficulty, which means you may encounter higher difficulty enemies at the pointy end of the game.
- Added Resource tooltip: When hovering over resources on the exploration bar or in the journal you will now have a tooltip which also tells you the resource's max capacity.
- Added action tooltips: When hovering actions in combat you will now also see available ammo/supplies.
- We've improved selling of valuables hinting. There's now a tooltip when hovering the bag and if you leave a merchant without selling it'll prompt whether you intended to leave without selling (similar to leaving loot behind).
- A total of 12 new weapons have been added: Each weapon category (like shotgun, rifles etc.) have received 2 additional variations.
- New Artifact "Bastet's Amulet" added
- New Hardcore Mode achievement added
- "An Ending and a New Beginning" achievement has been changed: There is a new Achievement that rewards you for finishing x adventures. We've also tweaked the numbers on that achievement. Note that this is a conversion of the fail achievement, so if you've previously unlocked the achievement or made progress towards it, it'll carry over.
- Item Type information is now more consistent across tooltips
- Map/Sector count is now once again visible in the Team Journal
- Fix bravery cost in tooltip for Reaction Shot/Parry
- Fix some collision issues
- Fix some smaller UI issues/alignment/scaling.
- Fix bug that allowed sporebearers to be pushed around with Sucker Punch.
- Fixed a bug that caused Psychic Control to trigger evade
- Fixed a bug that caused the Adventure play time to be skewed when using accelerated AI turns.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when exceeding a certain amount of endurance points.

Changelog Version 1.1.3:
- Added tooltip for burst fire to indicate it can be rotated
- Added an alternative way to rotate burst fire (Q/E)
- Added weapon type descriptor in the weapon tooltip window for better clarity.
- Added a new pixel zoom-option to the settings.json allowing users to set a custom zoom if the default is causing problems.
- Fixed a bunch of localization errors and typos
- Fixed a rare crash when moving the enemy group size slider all the way down.
- Fixed a rare enemy spawn issues that caused enemies to be spawned inside walls
- Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happened when switching between the Pathway window and other windows.
Amazing! The Devs are just amazing! Thank you for constant and robust game uptates!
Excellent, thanks!