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No mouse cursor in fullscreen mode

Quick fix: You can press CTRL+M at any time to switch to the software mouse cursor.

This is a known issue which has been reported on various Windows versions. Unfortunately, there is no generic solution we are aware of, only a number of possible workarounds:

[*] play in windowed mode at desktop resolution
[*] on some 4K monitors, the hardware cursor works on exactly one fullscreen mode, which is 1920x1080
[*] disable the "pointer trails" and "pointer shadow" options in Windows mouse settings
[*] NVIDIA: reset your driver settings, or try turning off "DSR factors" (unconfirmed)

Render artifacts on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

We received a few reports about render errors on NVIDIA GPUs. So far, almost all of them were resolved by simply:

[*] reboot - yes, really
[*] check (and update, if feasible) your GPU driver version

Crackling/stuttering music and audio

Try to disable the Reverb option in the game's audio options. You may have to restart the game afterwards.

If the problem persists, please check if you are using custom audio settings, software or devices.

Black (or white) screen at startup, but music is playing

Try to disable the Steam overlay, or any other software which may interfere with rendering, like video recording or capturing applications.

Poor performance on MacOS

Quite a few MacOS users reported slowdowns and bad performance when running the game. While we were not able to reproduce and narrow down the cause of this problem, we received reports from some affected users that upgrading to OS X 10.15 Catalina resolved the issue.

While we can't wholeheartedly advise you to do so (there may be absolutely valid reasons not to upgrade your Mac), we want to make you aware of this as a possible solution. As an alternative, you may consider playing on Windows, using Bootcamp.

Where are the game settings and save profiles stored?

These are the default directories on each platform:

[*] Windows: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Local\Robotality\Pathway
[*] Linux: ~/.local/share/Robotality/Pathway
[*] MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Robotality/Pathway

Where can I find crash logs?

Crash logs are written to the application's root folder. They are named crash-<date-and-timestamp>.log.
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How to reset the configuration? I've enabled the UI scaling and now I only see one quarter of the interface (main menu included) so I cannot disable it. Tried to manually locate the cfg file but no luck.