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During gameplay there are some extreme slowdowns where everything moves superslow, are anyone experiences this too?

This mostly happens a certain places on the battle maps. In the menus and the worldmap it runs at full 100% speed but in all battle maps the speed drops down to about 20% and it all moves really really slow, almost unplayable.

For example in battle maps like the underground tombs the slowdown seems to start when the picture shows the fire and flames. but when i use the WASD keys and move the screen to a corner that isnt showing any fire/flames the game speeds up to its usual 100% speed again. Guessing there is some memory leak when showing some graphics effects or elements? But as i mentioned this happens in all the maps, even the overworld desert maps etc.

I have tested version 1.0.1 and 1.0.3 (latest version when writing this) and both versions had this problem. Hope it can be fixed?
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well i dont know if i will have lag.....

cant start the game: it gets quite hot: : when idle it is 99 which is good the pc isnt doing much BUT running the game will make the game exe get 95 % and that is BAD

check: cpu95%.jpg

anyway seems my problem wont be solved .............. so i am stuck in limbo
cant play the game and cant ask refund to wallet .....
maybe now companies will see that a demo is very needed to prevent she ites like this

Anyway its a big facepalm... i m off .....
cpu95%.jpg (157 Kb)
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