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Damn, i just was blased away by this one. I usually dont play hardcore roguelikes and when i heard it isnt as... hardcore as others - and the graphics (im a sucker for that indiana jones and uncharted theme) intrigued me... i dived and i did not regret my purchase.

I agree that it is on the short end, but as i am someone that has only 2-3h of free time a day which i cant always dedicate to just sit infront of my pc and play games - im actually glad for a more focussed streamlined game i can finish in a reasonable time. Maybe someone that has nothing but 5-8h to burn per day thinks otherwise, and that is fine - but im glad the game is as it is.
Obviously i hope for more Campaigns and more oponent variation.
Yet the game has an intreguing mix of story and randomization. I hope they beef up the campaign -story part a bit , if there is a chance for DLC or Pathways 2.

In my opinion (and you are free to dissagree) - it is a valid choice to deisgn a game that isnt made to burn hundreds of hours but rather just joyfull 10-20. I never heard anybody complain that they only got 2h out of their cinema ticket rather than 8h ;-) .

I hope the game the game succeeds in sales and that there will be a next iteration with more depth to it - as i can agree, it could use more depth (story, enemy variety, customisation). But for what its worth, i felt my 17$ where worth it.