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high rated
Update 1.1.6 (June 25 2020)

Fixed user interface not fully rendered when using the "UI scaling" option.
Fixed wrong position of enemy target indicator arrows when using the "UI scaling" option.
Fixed crash when the game is run from an installation path containing special characters. (Note: Do NOT install into folders ending with "!", like Y:/ou/have/been/warned!/Pathway.)
Fixed crash in video options when running the game with exceptional monitor configurations.
Fixed rare crash when launching the game.
Fixed missing font glyphs when using certain Windows system language settings.
Added social buttons to main menu which link to our Twitter account and Discord server.

Update 1.3.0 (May 18 2021)

Controller Support: The game can now be played fully with a variety of controllers.
Overhauled load out screen: The load out screen has received an overhaul. Both the character selection and the equipment phase are now combined into one. You can toggle between the jeep storage and the character info.
A few additional UI tweaks: Some fatter borders around buttons and some additional feedback in some places. A few actions have better target indication now.
Added some missing translations
Added some new glyphs to the fonts (Spanish)
Memory and performance improvements/tweaks
Fixed loot drops in Adventure 4 final fight
Fixed Bastet's Amulet missing from Artefact drops
Fixed some potential map blockers in bunker maps
Fixed a problem that caused the adventure run time to sometimes be formatted wrongly
Lots of smaller fixes we're forgetting

Update 1.3.1 (May 21 2021)

Fixed crash caused by switching Shadow Settings during an active game.
Fixed a soft lock when using the ESC key to access the menu during combat.

Update 1.3.2 (June 8 2021)

Fixed several issues with the UI that caused tooltips for the mouse to show up incorrectly
Fixed several cases where you could soft lock the game when playing with the controller
Removed an exploit where you could steal locked character’s equipment
Fixed an exceedingly rare bug that caused the player to become stuck in between map changes, creating a none working save game
Fixed some memory leaks that after very long stints of gameplay could cause the game to crash
General quality of life fixes!