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we've just added a "Beta" channel to the GoG Galaxy client. If you play on Windows or MacOS, you should be able to access this channel from your game settings. The channel password is "beta" (all lower case).

The version in there mirrors the v1.0.9b version we just published on the Steam [preview] branch:


This preview build is primarily intended to gather feedback and more information about the out-of-memory crashes and reports of performance issues while travelling on the exploration map.

edit: we pushed another small update with a bug fix in memory management code which may actually improve on the issue substantially. Feedback is very much appreciated.

If you experience these issues on your system, please consider running the game with "--aggressive-gc" as a launch option. See the change list below for more information.

We are also grateful for feedback even if the game runs fine on your system, so if you are interested and want to help, please give this version a try and report your findings.

List of changes:

- Updated some third party libraries Pathway uses.
- Updated the Java runtime libraries bundled with the game to 8.0.212 (Windows, Linux) and 8.0.201 (MacOS).
- Added "--aggressive-gc" command line option. Using this option forces a memory garbage-collection after each event. When used, you'll likely experience a short delay each time the event window closes. While this parameter doesn't fix anything per se, it is supposed to help us narrowing down the out-of-memory crashes and performance issues.
- Disabled use of separate render thread on MacOS. May be related to performance issues some user reported on MacOS 10.14 Mojave.
- Fixed input, for example "end turn" action, not blocked when pressing keys while the options menu is open.
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Thank you for coming to post here also on GOG's forums!
My machine doesn't have any particular issue with Pathway but I'll try to give the beta patch a go and see if anything fishy happens. I love the game and I hope that everyone here will be able to enjoy it.
thanks for the updates , but i am not using Galaxy .
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Thank you for testing.

We just pushed another small update which tries to improve further on use (and reclaiming) of memory while loading scenes.