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Update 1.1.24486 (27 May 2019)

Fixed some of the freeze and stuttering issues
Fixed a bug potentially destroying all stored items in containers after looting infected houses.
Error messages in game logs are now more detailed (so we can fix them more efficiently)
[performance] fixed potential crashes on starting a new game, loading a game and entering houses
[controls] the camera is no longer controlled by arrow keys by default
[minor] the corrupted rtf file replaced with a correct pdf in the soundtrack
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Changelog for Update 1.2.24644 (added 30 May 2019):

Technically this is the third patch, but the previous two were more like hotfixes, while this is a Big One. This patch mostly focused on logical and quest-related errors. We’re still working on improving performance, stability, memory usage, and fixing spikes, and you’ll see some results next week. Although some memory-related issues were fixed in this patch already!

- improved memory usage (loading and relaunching the game now requires less memory);
- lowered the amount of memory required by the shader cache;
- lowered video memory usage.

AI Fixes:
- improved corpsmen behavior a bit;
- plague clouds are now better at despawning;
- NPCs react faster when someone attacks their allies;
- fixed soldier animations (they correlate better with their behavior patterns now);
- fixed NPC behavior upon surrendering;
- improved NPC navigation;
- fixed the lack of fighting animations for some NPCs in rare quest-related situations.

Quest and Logic Fixes:
- (NB!) crucial items no longer have a chance to disappear upon the player leaving the Abattoir;
- fixed an unfortunate bug that made all items disappear from the player’s hideout;
- fixed the start and end conditions for some quests (e.g., Saburov will no longer try to capture you after he’s done with trying to capture you);
- fixed the issues with the quest about Father’s house;
- in the quest that has you barter with the townsfolk, the game now correctly displays the fact that it improves your reputation;
- some quest-related items now properly disappear when their time is due instead of lingering in the game world;
- fixed some unfortunate phrases and name errors;
- fixed the bug that made some doors lock on you in quest-related situations;
- fixed some dialogue condition errors;
- fixed the wrong thoughts (and in the game).

Animation Fixes:
- NPCs are now better at following the player with their faces and eyes;
- minor fixes to women’s movement;
- minor fixes to facial animations;
- more natural poses in some dialogue animations;
- soldiers’ aiming is no longer jerky.

Visual Fixes:
- burned people now produce prettier smoke;
- some characters no longer float above their designated places (happy landing);
- improved the shadows on Aglaya’s face;
- improved the look of fire (and made it less bright);
- minor collision fixes;
- fixed visual glitches on fences;
- improved the shadows cast by table lamps;
- the lighting in the Lump has become slightly prettier;
- improved the overall quality of indoor lighting, especially through doorways;
- fixed the village quay;
- now some detailed models load from further away (making the game a bit prettier);
- fixed jerky camera movement;
- partially fixed the incorrect blood particles upon hitting the opponent;
- the grass now looks more even from afar;
- fixed the look of the crosses drawn on doors;
- fixed the blinking tooltips on the map (happened when the cursor was placed on a character portrait);
- fixed trembling dialogue options (it was a bug, not a compelling storytelling technique).

Audio Fixes:
- audio balance generally improved;
- restored music to the Crucible (Victor’s wing);
- improved revolver and rifle sounds;
- added music to the Nutshell.

- made a single notch of the gamma slider twice as small, meaning it’s now easier to fine-tune it;
- added VSync options to the graphic settings, that allows to set the FPS to ½, ⅓, or ¼ of you display refresh rate (improves performance at the cost of FPS);
- fixed the bug on the “Load Game” screen that made the Load and Delete Save buttons active even in the absence of a valid save;
- stealth is now active for the duration of the button being pressed, not toggled;
- typos.

Please keep in mind that patches have a time lag: not all errors that we’re aware of have already been fixed. But whatever is not in this patch, is coming soon in future ones!

Standalone installers updated 03 June 2019.
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Patch 4 Notes

Difficulty sliders added.

1. Optimization:

-decreased the size of loaded textures;
-decreased the size of loaded shaders;
-minor improvements to the FPS when traversing the Town.

2. AI Fixes:

-minor improvements to NPC pathfinding.

3. Quest and Logic Fixes:

-(NB!) fixed an unfortunate bug that made Aglaya speak nonsense when you first meet her (the branches in her dialogue were swapped, reflecting the opposite of reality);
-(NB!) fixed a critical bug that sometimes locked the player in The Rod on Day 6;
-(NB!) fixed a critical bug with characters (Katerina, Sticky, Notkin. Khan) disappearing on later days;
-fixed a bug that made Rubin’s adoring fans despawn too early, rendering an event impossible to complete;
-now empty bottles will return to your inventory if you drink from them during a late-game event;
-fixed a minor bug when finishing everything early on Day 1;
-fixed a bug with the barkeep’s prices;
-a minor technical fix to one of the endings;
-Peter has a name now when you meet him outside of his place (the numbers were neither an obscure storytelling technique nor the coordinates for the Polyhedron as some have assumed, they were basically our version of “undefined”);
-a bunch of other minor fixes.

4. Animation Fixes:

-at low stamina, knives and scalpels now perform a normal attack instead of a strong one;
-polished animation switching across the whole game.

5. Visual Fixes:

-taught crows to conceal their low-poly nature by not landing close to the player;
-minor collision fixes;
-minor fixes of Murky’s model materials;
-minor fixes to lighting on interior furniture;
-fixed the lighting during a number of pantomimes;
-fire particles are now emitted from the largest part of a burning person (or object);
-fixed the glitch that made the camera jerk around when going outside.

6. Audio Fixes:

-invisible cats meow at a different rate at Notkin’s Castle now;
-fixed the bug that excluded certain sounds (like fires or the hum of the Polyhedron) from audio settings;
-the Abattoir speaks to you now.

7. Misc:

-(NB!) all keys are fully rebindable now!
-tweaked some hunger parameters slightly (VERY slightly);
-fixed an error with aiming mode lingering when a firearm was put away;
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Pathologic 2 Patch 5 11 June
Version: 1.3.24920-rel-dev-st

Fixed Cemetery quest at the second part of the game (player was unable to interact with certain quest object);
Fixed incorrect effect of certain tinctures;
Fixed mouse sensitivity settings bug.

Pathologic 2 Patch 6 18 June
Development 1.4.25127-rel-dev-st

Optimized RAM usage related to VO/lipsync files
2. Reputation system:
Fixed Reputation decrease after performing an autopsy in the hospital
3.New Feature:
Now you can empty water/blood bottles via new action in the interaction menu (you still can’t empty certain quest-related liquids though).
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Changelog for Update 1.5.29823 (added 14 October 2019):

1. Optimization improved in many respects, most noticeably:
- lowered the amount of RAM used;
- lowered freeze frequency;
- improved average FPS;
- lowered CPU usage.
2. Headshots added!
3. Gamepad support added.
4. Game logic polished, fixed a number of smaller bugs.

Standalone installer updated (1.4.25127-rel-dev-st ⇒ 1.5.29823-rel-dev-st): 21 October 2019.