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So, I'm getting near the end of my second playthrough, and am thinking about what to play as on my third.

First playthrough was an atheist male Human Steelblood Bloodrager, started CN, went Azata then Legend with the bonus Levels in Sorcerer (Arcane bloodline for both). I tried to play it as close to myself IRL as I could given options available. Main party ended up being Seelah, Sosiel, Arueshalae, Ember, and Nenio. Took Lann from the start and kept him all the way, took Wenduag in Act III and gave her what she deserved in Act IV, killed Camellia when I discovered her in the basement, told Woljif to pass on his inheritance, redeemed Aru, stayed cool with Greybor, had Daeran commited (felt bad for him over it). Auto-crusade, no romance, killed Areelu, rode into the sunset. My only real regret was that I didn't think through taking that mask at the end of Nenio's quest, but as I was mostly doing a blind playthrough, and I probably would make a stupid decision like that if no one said anything, I figure it is fitting, and otherwsie okay with the ending. The only mod I used was the Scaling Cantrips mod.

Second, which I'm currently near the end of Act IV with, is another male Human, this time Wizard/Hellknight Signifier going Lich, started LG worshipper of Iomedae, and am currently LE/Urgathoa (used Toybox to switch religions after I had that drink with Zacharius). Playing it more like how I remember myself being when I was late teens/early twenties (~15 years ago), but if my emotions withered away (the further down the Lich path, the more heartless I become). Gonna stick it out and not swap paths. Currently using Camellia, Regill, Daeran, Staunton, and Delamere (apparently i missed Ciar, will swap out others for undead minions as I get them). Took Wenduag through the maze but took Lann afterwards because she's clearly untrustworthy. Convinced Woljif to take his inheritance, and after Aru's quest in Act IV she bounced, so I assume she's going back to evil (felt bad about that, but my MC would've felt nothing). Didn't take Wenduag but felt her so low I didn't bother killing her. As I'm in the mines right now, I don't know exactly how it'll play out the rest of the way.

So, I've been considering my third playthrough. I'm debating:
1) LG Angel, and whether I'm going to go Paladin or Oracle, likely sticking with Iomedae;
2) CE Trickster, probably Overwhelming Mage Sorcerer, but maybe Overwhelming Soul Kineticist or a type of Bard, will probably worship either Lamashtu or Rovagug;
3) perhaps a full CG Azata run, probably using Toybox to make a finesse Paladin of Cayden Cailean (assuming you keep Paladin powers as NG/CG on Azata), or otherwise perhaps a type of Magus, likely using dueling swords either way.

Any suggestions welcome.
I would recommend Angel-Paladin/Oracle for a strong contrast towards what you have already experienced.

Trickster is great too after a few playthroughs, since the jokes and pranks feel funnier when you know the people affected.

Azata is always nice, but problably less interesting since you know most of it already. Maybe Aeon instead for more story. Though I would really recommend the Angel path since I consider it from my personal point of view as the best mythic path with the whole story seemingly tailored around that one.