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The capture all regions has completed but the Develop all aspects won't update even though I raised everything to rank 8 and completed all associated degrees and buildings. I have also build at least 1 building in every fort and can't upgrade any fort anymore plus I have killed every static army I could find. Have I missed something or is the quest bugged?
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Would help to know the following:

Operating System?

Version of the game your playing?
Windows 10

Latest patch 1.08e
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According to several posts on Steam forums it can be bugged in some cases. It is unclear whether it is an individual issue or caused by the patches. But you are not alone with the issue.

I recommend to submit a bug report in every case by pressing ALT+B ingame.

A possible fix could be adding exp via Arcemi's save game editor and hoping it would trigger the static quests, like it did before when a bug prevented you from getting exp in crusade mode at all.
Made the bug report and tried the save editor but it didn't work sadly.