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How many of the people that pre-ordered this game are actually satified and confirm that pre-order has been the right choice?
I didn't preorder it, but supported via crowdfunding, which I guess was a bit cheaper. Any way, I'm satisfied. The game is broken, but will eventually get fixed up — it's being done really fast. Of what I've seen of the story and new mechanics, it'll be another great addition to the RPG genre ... eventually, just like Kingmaker.

I guess I've become a cynic and don't expect games to be ok on launch any more — out of my head only POEE2 was polished on release.
I pre ordered the game on GOG on the last day before the release.

So far I am very satisfied.

The game is definitely worth it and I would have supported it on kickstarter if I knew how good it is.
i pre ordered mythic version couple days before release and im not regretting it at all. one of the best games ive played recently.
Preordered Mythic edition and I love the game. I have a feeling I will be doing quite a few different playthroughs at least one for each mythic path.
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Pre-ordered the Core version and I'm quite happy
It was the wrong choice to pre-order practically at the last minute. I thought that as opposed to Kingmaker Owlcat has learned their share of lessons so this is going to be a proper release with minor bugs. Sadly I wasn't even able to play because there were all sorts of issues right from the start. Performance was abysmal, GPU spiked to 100%, crashes to desktop and more. All within the first hour I tried playing.

Keeping an eye on the bug forum @Owlcat's website and the topic on Steam which I wonder why they removed the dedicated forum there, major game-breaking and other bugs are discovered, new ones are introduced with each patch, so I am glad that I refunded instead of waiting for updates and patches.

My guess is that most of their trouble comes from one source and that's Unity. This engine is like this game, flawed and bugged, with each new update it may get worse instead of better. If Owlcat were smart they'd work on an UE port and ditch Unity.

For those who kept hanging on I got a question. My very first issue was that the game had to be allowed to access the Internet which was what I was originally complaining about. Blocking the connection the game instantly crashed. One of the developers promised they would patch this and my question to non-Galaxy users is have they, or does it still request access?
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i pre-ordered the day before the release. glad i didn't spend the money on the commander pack or the future dlc's.

very disappointed with the bugs and i found that i couldn't patch past 1.03c; needed to uninstall and reinstall and then everything went fine.

my gaming machine is 100% isolated. it has lan connectivity but i'm blocking wan traffic to/from it at my firewall (just inboard of my cable modem.) so far wrath doesn't seem affected by it's inability to reach an external site. i use a separate linux machine on my lan to dl installers and such which i shuttle via data sticks to the gaming machine.

i'm having fun with it though. if owlcat patches it enough so that you can finish the majority of paths then i'll probably order the 3-pack dlc.
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I didn't preorder, but got it through kickstarter, so don't know if that counts. I bought it as soon as I could, installed it as soon as I could, and I have been playing from day one of release. Maybe I have been lucky, but I haven't encountered a single game breaking bug until a few days ago. I found a work-around in the forum which worked perfectly and so I am extremely happy for WOTR and will get Owlcats next game too.
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Considering I sunk many hours into Neverwinter Nights and it's expansions Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, not to mention the community content. I find that this game happily scratches that nostalgia itch.

Since it is new enough that there really isn't any full guides available yet I find there's more a sense of adventure in playing (of course if you're able to ignore looking things up, this point won't apply)

I'm currently in chapter 3 and so far (knock on wood) haven't run into any real game breaking bugs that a simple reset won't fix. I am, however, following the old adventure principle of save often and with multiple hard saves.

My current system is built with stability in mind, I specifically hunted down a motherboard that you can turn the default overclocking of Intel CPU's off (Which for some reason most motherboard manufacturers seem to do). Considering how hard Unity and this game is on the CPU cores I wouldn't be surprised to find out that that is adding to many people's issues.

In short, yes I'm happy with my pre-order.
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Thanks for the answers!
I appreciate the honesty.