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I am in the middle of preloading the game and my Bitdefender internet security suits has quarantined:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous\Banner\
Due to being detected with "Gen:Variant.Bulz.667786"

Has anyone else had this?
I didn't have any issues preloading mine, I use a different anti virus though. Maybe it was a false positive? I have heard of programs doing that for different new release games before.
Probably is a false positive, but I though I would just put this up there in the community, just in case others also picked something up
Norton 360 had no issues as well... as you said, more then likely a false positive.
I'm using Bitdefender and had no warning message.
I had the same problem with Bitdefenred, after turning it off, I either get E15 error and also E4 disk access error.
Even if I start it with administrator mode it does not work.


Solution, turn off all windows firewall, make a lot of space on computer and turn off bitdefender
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Hey! This happens because of the pre-load. Unlocked .EXE will be fine.
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