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I am that kind of player who loves when certain details of a story are mentioned which seems essential to make things feel "whole". I also did get into the game without knowing anything about Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, or anything related to the stories and features like mythic. I am highly against guides and such on a first playthrough, especially with something which is supposed to be an adventure with all highs and downs. Therefore I recommend to continue reading only if you finished the game at least once, or you do not care about spoilers which can either enhance your experience or lessen the value of your experience.

That written, you have been warned about spoilers. ^.^

So about the details I love, and love to read more from other players - which details they discovered and like - here are some examples of what I have in mind:

- it got mentioned that the soldiers who participated on the attack on Drezen are getting their pay doubled

- your choice of deity actually affects how you experience certain story events

- Desna and Azata are a perfect fit by their descriptions (so is Aruaru naturally attracted to Azata)

- when I found out that Zacharius' wand is was actually a lich phylactery I was shocked since I only understood his story as him being a hero until that point. But then I remembered the museum custodian mentioned something about bringing the wand back to him in the time of need, and not even death would hold him back from him helping the people against the Abyss

- later on when you realise the true meaning of Suture words during the prologue "according to the guy (...) this weapon could even pierce the hide of a demon lord"

Some revelation like the last one were "wow!" moments for me.

What memorable details did you come across which left an impact?
Memorable details?

I also went into this game without knowing much and feel I had a better experience because of it. Then again, you can miss out on quite a bit without any guidance imho.

( Big Spoiler Warning again )

When you solve Nenio's second quest, that ghost turns out to be the Storyteller's long lost friend and you can give him a message.

How you can have your own character explain to the Storyteller - *at length* - how important it is to never erase any knowledge. And then you find out that Areelu basically used his research to open the wound xD.

That Inquisitor warns you a couple of times about Daelan and his Outsider. You still have a chance to confront him about it like an idiot and have him and/or your character die.

Special Dhampir dialogue options when you find Zacharius' wand
Act 5
fallout homage with mine (vault) 13 and their water problem

playthrough with Dhampir Urghatoa cleric, got the goddess several times pointing at something interesting
and also got a few interesting skeleton clerics and advisors from the undead faction

there are quite a lot of "hey they know!" moments both with companions and npcs that react according to what you are and what you do/did.

Just finished a part of Camellia's companion quest. It was the best laugh I had so far when unlocking certain doors you are not supposed to go in.