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I use a Playstation DualSense controller on my PC. The game was running fine, earlier today. I noticed that there was a new patch, so I updated the game. Now, all of the spots which display button prompts are now white boxes. This seems to have affected ONLY Playstation prompts, as the xbox button prompt graphics appear properly when I tested an xbox one controller. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I tried to verify files, and the issue is still occurring.
The bug introduced by the patch was reported. Two subsequent patches have failed to fix the issue. I removed Season Pass 2 from my cart and have shelved the game, indefinitely. I moved on to other games and will probably avoid the Warhammer RPG (Rogue Trader) I was looking forward to playing. It was a stupid bug which should not exist, and it should be simple to fix. Also, over at the steam forums, people are mentioning that their latest "patches" have caused stability and game balance issues. This game came out in 2021, didn't it?
Scythifuge: This game came out in 2021, didn't it?