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"Crusaders! An important announcement:
There is a critical issue with two companions: Sosiel and Daeran.
If you have a romance with ONE OF them and call them OUT FOR A DATE to Midnight Fane at the beginning of the 5th chapter - it will irreversibly break your save file.
We are already working on fixing this, and expect the issue to be resolved in 1.0.6 update, approximately next week.
But it's important for you to NOT call them on the live version, for now, an update will not repair a broken save file."

Thanks for this warning, think I will wait on romancing anyone till another playthrough. My character certainly has bigger worries at the moment anyway. :)
Thanks for the info! I was planning on romancing one of them. Fortunately I am not that far in yet. I'm taking things slow since there are many things being patched up.