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So I have no idea what went through the mind of the devs when they implemented the tomb but I guess this is as close as we get to the worker's raid on Nazarick as we can (until mods that is). I am playing on Normal.

I am at a loss of who or what I should've brought along. I did bring 30 rations and 20 Restoration scrolls, about 70 health potions, several scrolls of haste, heal, bless, scorching ray, fireball, wands of shield, vanish, prayer, resoration.

My team is level 11 (need about 20k to react 12). Universalist wizard main, Harrim, Tristan, Valerie, Ekun and Octavia.

Getting into the tomb was already a nasty experience as I waded through the horde of cyclops brutes but then the shades just murdered 4 of the team (Death door). Not only have I had 3 mano-a-mano with Wistom-draining nasties, once they were gone, bam, 7 more spawn on you. For fun.

And then comes level 2. Hyper-buffed gigantic barbarian undead cyclopses and priests, 4 (!) ancient water elementals the size of a house, poisonous iron golems... and a lich.

So... what should I do? I can't go back levelling as the cuse will wipe the kingdom by the time I reach level 12.

I get the feeling that kingdom events should avard XP, otherwise we are never reaching level 20. Unless DLC happen.
You need Death Wards and Deflection/Dexterity bonus to armor. Incorporeal enemies attack against touch AC, so armor and shield are (usually) useless against them. Don't forget to turn undead with your cleric(s), that will slap shades and other undead around. Undead bane weapons are a good choice as well.

If you can't make it otherwise, try turning down the combat difficulty in the options menu temporarily.
Valerie is great against normal enemies. She alone could handle the cyclops by herselve. but against the real dangerous guys (Deatheaters and the endboss party) she was not really the best choice. I left her out, when i tried it the second time. Even Ekun might be wrong. When i took the team together, i chose different. Nok-Nok is the only not-magic guy i used, as he could handle all the traps. (and is great as backstabber ^^)

And yes. Have a bundle of "death protection" and "poison protection" spells with you. like 20 or so.
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