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Hi, I wanted to set up a custom portrait for a character in Pathfinder Kingmaker and while I've taken the YouTube tutorial on sizing the Small/Medium/Fulllength icons, and I have downloaded a Nexus Portrait Pack, the portraits don't seem to load.
What happens is it'll ask me to open the path C:Users\myname\AppData\LocalLow\OwlcatGames\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits\0001 - and it won't allow me to add from a custom file. When I try to copy and paste a custom file it puts the original generic portrait in file 0002 and asks me to use that. I try creating a new file in 0002 and it asks me to use 0003, and so on. In any case Refresh Portrait doesn't allow me to see any of the new portraits I have in files, and I was told that that process would work.
I was told that the system will load custom portraits if you use that path file but it keeps evading what I'm trying to do. What am I doing wrong?
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If you downloaded a Portrait Pack you most likely have a zip-file.
You should open the file and extract the contents into "C:Users\myname\AppData\LocalLow\OwlcatGames\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits".

It sounds like you copied the contents of the zip-file into "C:Users\myname\AppData\LocalLow\OwlcatGames\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits\0001". The game creates the 0001-folder for you with pre-made files when you press the button on the character creation screen. But these pre-made files are there for you to edit, that's not what you want.

Just to be clear:
"C:Users\myname\AppData\LocalLow\OwlcatGames\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits" contains many folders, each folder contains a set of portraits in the 3 sizes. Just make sure what you copy into the Portaits-folder follows the same scheme, then it will work.
Hi !

Just a small post to tell you that I created a tool for croping pictures for Pathfinder.

Go to, select Pathfinder in the games list, and upload an illustration you like. Then you'll have to crop it for every sizes (3 for Pathfinder) and voila ! You'll download a zipfile containing all 3 pictures, ready to drag and drop in the right folder !

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to tell me what's wrong, I'll try to debug it !

Have a nice day !
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