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Hi everyone,
i enjoy this game a lot.
i have about 30h of playing time in it and since the new hotfix (i think its 1.0.5) the time it takes to save a game and load it takes ages.
Here is the problem:

1) saving. :
in the beginning i could quick save and nearly instantaniouse start walking again.
Now I can not, it takes long and when i say long, its like 30 seconds.
Also if I lvl up a character, the auto save takes nearly 45 seconds, and if i lvl up another character during this time, it will outosave while outosaving, making it a very long time until u can really do stuff again.

2) loading:
in the beginning loading was ok, now it is not anymore, i wait for about 2 mins to load a save and during this time the game goes into: <is not responding > mode. If i am inpationt, and i klick the game it crashes. If I wait, it might load the save.

3)The GOG synchronisation with the cloud takes about 45 mins.
I deleted all unneccisary save files and only have about 7 left. If i manually do a sync in GOG, it tells me it is 0,1 MB
Well i can not synchronise the game atm, since it takes too long (about 45 mins and i am not kidding, i stopped the time)

anyone knows of any fix for those (or one of those) 3 problems?
Does anyone else experience problems like this?

Thank you in advance.

i started a new game now, here the saves and loads are fast again. What is the difference her? any solution?
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