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Hello everybody. I had to check it, but I found. It is TRUE discrimination.
If you are Russian, you cannot get any free product(DLC). Even if you got your game earlier, now you aren't allowed to get ANY DLC.

When you just try to get to DLC page - no, buddy, you are redirected to Without any chance to get to desired page. No way.

Is it OK? Are you OK there? Nobody does the same BS! You literally threw some SH into Russian players by this "redirecting feature". You have no any honor to people.

Anf if you didn't knew.

Players hate Putin. We hate him. I hate him. I supported and still support Navalny. My brother does the same. Most of Russian gamers support Alexey.

And GOG did this BS to us. It is true betrayal for all of us. You are hurting wrong people. We spend money, give them to you. Then you give weapon to Ukraine. This eventually make Putin leave. This was our anti-Putin support.

And you failed this so hard. So hard!

PS Even Owlcat doesn't support Putin(if you didn't know).
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I don't think this is just a Russian thing.

I had the same issue trying to access the free DLC (kept redirecting to the main games page (/en/ in my case) - I think it's an issue with the gog website.

Have you tried a different browser / cleared cache / etc?

I think in my case I had to wait and the issue resolved itself.
Sadly, that I was telling about. You cannot add FREE DLC to the cart. When you click that icon(cart), nothing is added. Also, when I use serach option with "kingmaker" word, it doesn't show Arcane Unleashed and Bloody Mess.
But shows them as available DLC.
Quick update. For now pages of 2 free DLCs can load successfully. But! I cannot add them to cart. When I try to do this, I see 1 on the cart icon, but in a moment it changes back to 0.
So you can't really add them. Even if you own base game.

So, how is this possible. Russian cannot purchase any game now, but when can't they get FREE installers? Why?
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Any chance GOG has stopped doing business with people in Russia as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

I know a lot of companies have made that choice, but I don't think I saw any such announcement from GOG.

Edit: Found the message... in response to another Uranist thread.

Looks like as long as you're in RU and RU is invading Ukraine, you won't have any access to GOG software, free or otherwise it seems.
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