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Running game 2.0.8 update on Catalina 10.15.3 - map 2015 DG high spec

-Inventory drag and drop item works unreliably
-Zoom in/out delays 1-2seconds before working
-Trackpad clicks often don't register for 4-5 seconds or more
-Rotating character in inventory screen gets stuck and continues to rotate paper doll and continues to follow mouse
-Drag & drop portrait into Camping/Rest roles, can't drag portraits into roles (guard, camouflage etc) if it does manage to drag the portrait it, doesn't register in the box and stays on screen even when I get back into the game.

Very frustrating show stopper to wha seems to be a great game.

Currently reinstalling to see if this solves it. No mods installed just custom portraits.

Any advice most welcome, not sure if screen shots will highlight the problem effectively probably need videos for this one