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bought this game on the 2 feb 2020 so its the most recent version and it crashes every fifteen minutes and blue screens.
I know when its crashed cos I get the kingmaker unity loader then the game disapears ... happens all the time.

I have tried all the suggestions on the support list, played the game in every screen mode but nothing stops it crashing, its totally unplayable. I have no problems with any other game i play.

I am running windows 10 pro
i5 9600K
16 gigs of ram
RTX 2060 super

Anyone got any ideas ...
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Mac209: ...
I have had bad experiences trying to help people who say they have "tried everything". At some small risk - and I mean this in only the most polite and humble way - I will ask if you have verified your files.
Mac209: the kingmaker unity loader
What is this?
ok so verified reinstalled and varified and it seems all right now ... no crashes

seems i did not try everything :D

thanks alcaray

@Grrymjo king maker unity loader was some crash handler thing that appeared when the game crashed.
well it's not crashing as much as it was ...