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I'm looking for an overview / table which class gets which attack bonus.

For example, I'm interested in whether a vivisectionist has a mage's basic attack bonus or a rogue's class, and so on, and how many attacks he ends up getting. So what's up to here, so a table / overview of the classes would be nice.

Do you have such a page maybe ready?

Thank you
I don't know what information the game supplies (I got it for Christmas, but haven't yet had a chance to install it on my gaming computer) but you can look up the rules for the tabletop game on this site. I don't think there's a page directly comparing the "chasses" of each class (ie their BAB, saves, skill points, etc) but you can easily check things by looking at the entries for each class.

To address your actual question, the base attack bonuses ("base", incidentally, not "basic") of the classes follow three progressions, which are unofficially referred to as fast, medium and slow. Fast gives +1 every level, medium gives +1 in three out of every four levels, and slow gives +1 every other level. BAB is also almost invariably tied to hit dice (ie how many hp you get per level). Slow progression gives only 1d6 (meaning that when you level up you either roll a d6 and gain that many hp, or just gain the average of 3, depending on which rule the game is using; you also gain your constitution bonus in extra hp each level on top of that). Medium gives 1d8. Fast gives either 1d10 or 1d12, depending on the particular class.

Archetypes almost never change the chassis of the class, so (for example) the BAB progression of a vivisectionist is the same as that of a standard alchemist.

The classes' BAB progressions are as follows:
Alchemist: Medium
Barbarian: Fast
Bard: Medium
Cleric: Medium
Druid: Medium
Fighter: Fast
Inquisistor: Medium
Kineticist: Medium
Magus: Medium
Monk: Depends which version the game is using. The original monk had a medium progression, but a revised "unchained" version was later released which has fast progression. If you're unsure, I suggest comparing the unique class abilities of the game's monk to that of the standard monk and the unchained one, and seeing which they match up with.
Paladin: Fast
Ranger: Fast
Rogue: Medium
Sorcerer: Slow
Wizard: Slow

If I've forgotten a class in the game, check the SRD I linked for the information for that class.
Kingmaker Monks are all Unchained: full BAB, good Reflex and Fortitude saves, poor Will saves. Not that they suffer overmuch from it, since they need good WIS anyway. Incidentally, this makes Monk a great single level dip for your Ecclesitheurges, since they get +WIS to AC. You should always dip your Ecclesitheurge in Monk, as it will greatly increase their survivability (at least 4 extra points of AC at level 1 and it only gets better as you level up). Except forTristian, because Tristian sucks (i.e., he's not Lawful, therefore he cannot take a dip in Monk). No clue what the devs wanted you to do with him.

BAB and hit die are normally related in PF: a full-BAB class has a d10 (exception: the Barbarian has full BAB progression and d12) for a hit-die, a 3/4-BAB class has a d8 (eception: Dragon Disciple is a 3/4 BAB class with a d12, of all things, because reasons), and half-BAB has a d6. The Feyspeaker druid is an additional exception to the rules, in that it's a d8 class, but only has half BAB, though normally the Druid is a 3/4 BAB class.

Generally, this means you can determine most classes' BAB by looking at their hp at level 1, since your level 1 hit points are equal to a full hit die plus your CON modifier plus 1 (favored class -> +1 hp). So if you have 8 +CON + 1 you are a 3/4 BAB, 10 or 12 + CON + 1 you are a full-BAB, and 6+CON+1 you are a half-BAB. Unless you are a Feyspeaker. Because reasons.

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