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1: when selecting feats, and trying to unpick and pick another: scroll over tooltip doesn't refresh, and some dont even appear.
2: if resting in the same area as the techies league kidnap your companion, they'll appear, and you can talk to them. they can't join the party, but they shouldn't be there though.
3: pathfinder society - when trying to recruit one, nothing happens, even though i have the gold.
4: can't close the game properly, it crashes when I try, meaning everytime I start the game, it says it's for the first time, and apprently takes longer because of it.


1: when first choosing dialog with linzi, can't ignore or circomvent her, even forced to entertain her rambelings.
2: should be able to reform party. and not team up with linzi
3: should have a "speed up" option, like in pillars of eternity, walking takes forever.
4: double clicking the ground should move the camera to center on that location.
5: faster movement speed both on local and world map.
6: able to zoom out farther, and when zoomed in close you should be able to see the corners, not lock the camera because the zoomed out view would take it over the edge.
Wrong place. GOG is not the developer.