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Hey, guys. I just recently bought the game and started playing in turn-based. Picked Eldritch Scion class for my main character. In one of the first fights I started my turn near an enemy, killed him in melee, so I could cast magic missile on the further enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity, but the game did not allow me to do that. I didn't use my movement at all that round. Spell combat seems to work fine the other way around, i.e. I was able to cast magic missile on a dude, and then 5-feet dash into melee attack on another one in one turn. So my question is: can I not use spell combat to attack first in melee and then cast a spell in one round? Because it's not really apparent from the description of the ability.

Also, It says on my character sheet that I'm supposed to have cantrips, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Thanks in advance!

edit: found the cantrips.
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I've noticed turn-based mode has a bug where your turn ends after attacking, even if you could have made other actions. It's not just the Magus. You have to be careful with your turn sequencing and make sure you always do actions last.

It's particularly annoying with full attacks, since in pen and paper you don't have to commit to a full attack until the second attack. This means you can choose to attack once, see the results, and then decide to take a move or continue the full attack. In Kingmaker turn-based mode you're committed to a full attack.
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This particular thing hasn't happened to me yet. I do have the "Auto end turn" option disabled in the settings, so maybe that's why.