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Update 1.0.3 (29 September 2018)
Hello everyone!

We’ve just started work on a big patch that we expect to be available at the end of the next week. It doesn't mean we will stop releasing hotfixes - we will keep addressing the major issues, for sure – however, new hotfixes may not be available every day. For example, there will be no hotfix tomorrow since we really need to give the dev team a little rest before the next week’s run. We are sorry if your specific issue hasn't been addressed so far - we keep track of every message you posted in the bug section and we’re doing our best to fix known problems asap!

Major Issues
Custom companions hiring was not available. Resolution: fixed.

Quest for artisan Shariel didn't work correctly. Resolution: fixed.
No companion dialogues with Jaethal, Valerie, Linzi, Harrim in the Captial or at Oleg's Trading Post after Old Sycamore dungeon. Resolution: fixed.
Ekundayo’s companion quest prompted you to tell Ekun about your victory over Kargadd even if Ekun is dead. Resolution: Ekundayo's quest now fails automatically if you kill him.
Jaethal couldn’t be found at the Capital square during her first quest. Resolution: fixed.
Missing Child Quest: invisible answer in Tig's dialog. Resolution: fixed (player needs to talk to Tig again)

A specific dialogue option in Chapter 6 broke a story-critical cutscene. Resolution: fixed.
Divine services didn’t work for non-divine casters in Chapter 1. Resolution: Jhod Kavken will now read divine scrolls if there are no divine casters in the party.

User Interfaces
Spell filters did not work properly in the character creation interface. Resolution: fixed.
Malfunction in class feature sorting. Resolution: fixed.
Tooltip with empty description for Strength damage. Resolution: fixed.

Mim's workshop couldn’t be built in Silverstep Village. Resolution: fixed.
Multiple "GreatSuccess" text strings in one of the kingdom events. Resolution: fixed.
Artisan Varrask didn't start the dialogue in the village after suggestion to speak to him. Resolution: fixed.
NPC Kergan didn't start the dialogue after a cutscene on Thorn River Ford. Resolution: fixed.
Battle with Bokken didn't stop correctly when he is in low Hit Points. Resolution: fixed.

Rage and Defensive Stances are no longer switched off when a character is disabled due to adverse status effects. These stances are switched off only when a character falls unconscious.
Abyssal Bloodline ability Grow Claws should now activate properly.
Artifice Domain ability should now properly activate on Inquisitor.
Knowledge Domain now also adds Lore (Nature) to class skills.
2 level Eldritch Archer couldn’t cast anything but ranged touch spells. Resolution: fixed.

Skeleton Guardians summoned during the Rest by Jaethal no longer drop loot.
Missing or wrong German, French, and Chinese localisations. Resolution: the next batch of issues is fixed.

Possible crash when loading a cloud save after "fresh" game installation. Resolution: fixed

Some fixes to expect in the next two hotfixes:
We are working on an issue with Pre-order and Kickstarter in-game bonuses. For all players who have these bonuses and start new game after Hotfix 1.0.2 all rewards should be available in the chest at Oleg's Trading Post or Throne Room areas. We are going to make these rewards available for saves made before Hotfix 1.0.2 with the next hotfix. There will be also fixes for Amiri and Jubilost companion quests.

Also we'd like to ask you for some help! Sometimes it can be hard to understand the exact nature of a reported issue, or even what the issue is at all. We would be very grateful if you could send bug descriptions to , putting the issue’s name in the “Subject” field. Please, pay attention that attaching your save file and logs significantly increases speed of bug fixing, as well as attaching screenshots! This especially concerns such issues as crashes, freezes and unclear game mechanics malfunctioning. You can find a detailed instruction on how to get saves files and logs at Owlcats .

Stay tuned for further game and community updates!

-edit- added some skipped lines for clarity.
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