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So I am past both the trolls and bloom events now, and when I posted this originally I had just finished the trolls but both bloom (and the new third event) Cylops's were trashing my kingom. ZERO chance of success.

(you run into cyclops stuff to the east once that opens up).

So I am ok now, kingdom is stable with both of the first two events smashed but that really is the key. I just hit TWO troll events a month (death spiral coming) when I crushed their castle and all the troll events went away. I then IMMEDIATELY crushed Bloom as fast as the locations were revealed, and now no issues.

Key really is smashing these events, and will do the same for the cyclops asap. The only thing that keeps coming up right now is the curse of bald hill thing, and not been able to resolve that (quest line) yet.

There is hope, but you have to get on them asap.. no stalling those quest lines.